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At Hamilton Farms we pride ourselves on the strength of our 400 head Black Angus cow herd and the accomplishments that they have achieved. We value the production of elite cow families and put heavy emphasis on their genetics. Having our cowherd so closely knit has helped us maintain consistency in our calf crop as we expand into new and different genetics. The traits that we were striving for in our cowherd back in the mid 80′s are the same traits that we are striving for now. Simply put, we want Black Angus females with longevity, beautiful udders with plenty of milk, plus lots of volume and femininity. Our main focus is the production of sale bulls that meet the criteria of the most discriminating commercial cattleman. In order to do this we have to be relentless in the culling of our cows and the pursuit of new herd sires in order to maintain the reputation that we have achieved.

Hamilton Farms was established in 1981 when 28 purebred Black Angus cows were purchased from Greenvale Farms, Gotthold and Harold Reich, at Bashaw Alberta . From that core group of cows we acquired came some of the top cow families, which are represented in the Hamilton Farms herd today. Cow families like the Rosebud’s, the Annie’s, and the Blackcap’s all originated from that first group of cows purchased from Reich’s.

In 1986 we purchased a half interest in a cow from Mountain View Farms in Manitoba . That cow was MVF Tibbie 15T, who over the years became a household name for Angus breeders across Canada . Her progeny topped sales and won shows for many years, as she became one of the most famous cows in Aberdeen Angus history. Today over 70% of the Hamilton Farms herd goes back to Tibbie 15T!

In 1991 we purchased a flush from the 1991 Agribition Grand Champion Female through the Masterpiece sale. That cow was Knights Blackbird 9Y which was owned by Doug Robertson of Coldstream Angus. We mated her to the 1991 Agribition Grand Champion Bull which we raised, MVHF Dreamwalker 29A, who was a grandson of Tibbie 15T. The resulting progeny from that flush were HF Walk-On 14C, and his two sisters HF Blackbird 26C and HF Blackbird 27C who became the foundation of the Blackbird cow families.

In 1993 we leased a group of cows selected from my fathers Rannoch herd. From this group of cows came the Erica and Evening Tinge cow families who became very predominant in the Hamilton Farms herd.

Ten years after the purchase of Tibbie 15T we bought another female which made a tremendous mark at Hamilton Farms. Her name is Duralta 14C Echo 32E and she is the foundation of all the Echo females at Hamilton Farms today. We purchased her from Duralta Farms through the Cross Canada Sale in 1996. Echo was sired by HF Walk-On 14C who also descended from the Tibbie cow family.

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Wednesday, March 29th, 2017
1:00 pm, at the Ranch
Cochrane, Alberta

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New Herd Sire – BSF Lotto 1401
We are excited to introduce our new herdsire BSF Lotto 1401. View his details by clicking on him on the right!

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January 1st, 2017

We now have sides of beef for sale.  Please contact us for ordering information.

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